Friday, January 2, 2009

shamwow guy (vince)

i hate vince the shamwow guy. well hate's a strong word ... so yes, i hate vince the shamwow guy.

you know, the guy who is like ... "you're gonna be like 'why did i ever use paper towels?'" and "hey you gettin this camera guy?" in the commercial. here i'll find a picture:

anyway, i was thinking ... sometimes i think a girl is attractive, and then people i unfortunately associate with will be like "ew dude what? you're crazy. you're weird. what's wrong with you ..."

SO. i'll bet girls are the same way ... like there's probably some girl out there who thinks the shamwow guy is hot and would totally do it with him. and that's fucked up.

also, what if vince the shamwow guy has set up a Google Alert™ for the words "vince" and "shamwow" (you can do that). he'll read this and get SO MAD !!!

haha what if i died because vince the shamwow guy was SO MAD and came and killed me?

but wait what if matthew leskos big book of how to get free government money saved my life by blocking the bullets from vince the shamwow guy's gun

wait ... isn't this how all [vulnerable popular cultural reference, for example Nicholas Cage, Lifetime, etc...] movies begin?


fuck you


al;ec said...

man, i can't wait til you move into a cabin in the woods. THEN you'll be super well adjusted.

PS: great use of labels.

Xtin said...

no one thinks this dude is hot. but remind me not to tell you anything that i'm paranoid about - you will only make it worse.

Richard Dirt said...

if anyone said that about me, they can suck on my hanging balls. p.s. shamwow guy is only 4'11". his voice makes up for his small stature. I can fit him into my pocket.

p.s. hi ian's blog! been a while...

KB said...

Seriously. Not attractive.

Richard Dirt said...

I dried my hands with a SHAMWOW for the first time, today. I expected it to drink the moisture out of my hands, freakishly. It was kinda disappointing.

But I also did use a Slanket, for the first time today. It's the infomercial blanket with sleeves, and it was HEAVEN.

Richard Dirt said...
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Anonymous said...